Negotiate the Price of a Car Zero

16 Oct

For those who do not give up comfort and practicality, having a car is important. With the decrease in consumption, the automakers are making special conditions for the purchase of zero car, which may be worth it. The zero car is the best option for those who do not want to worry about change of parts and possible defects for a long time.

It may seem impractical to fit this expense into your budget, but know that you can find zero-priced car that fits in your pocket! If you plan to buy a zero kilometer car, you need to be willing to research – and of course, to bargain. Do you know how to do it in the best way? Learn more in today’s article!

Search before


Before you go to the dealership, keep in mind some zero car models that may interest you. Get to know the cars you want and find out how much they are worth in today’s market – and the internet can be great ally in this search. Knowing all the necessary information, you avoid being fooled by malicious vendors.

Call different vendors

Call different vendors

Call different sellers and ask about the price of the cars you’ve searched for before. Be careful with proposals for payment in installments, swaps and financing. Sellers know the market and will try to convince you to close deals as soon as possible, but you must keep in mind the importance of doing extensive research and not rushing.

Provide your own funding

Provide your own funding

The concessionaires obtain large amounts with the financing they offer. But generally the profit is only of the concessionaires, since the financing induces the buyer to pay much more for the same vehicle.

In addition to having savings to enter the car, it is interesting to seek funding in institutions that have lower interest rates and more flexible payment possibilities.

Do not go to the dealership at peak times.

Do not go to the dealership at peak times.

It’s hard to get good discounts at times when the store is full of other shoppers. When there are a lot of people at the dealership, it’s an indicator that more business may be closed, so sellers will not have to deploy to make more sales and hit daily goals. Going to the store in the morning and during the week is ideal, since peak times usually occur at night and on weekends, especially.

See the invoice

Through the invoice, you have a whole panorama about the price of the vehicle for the dealership, taxes on the product etc. Thus, it is easier to see how much the car cost for the dealership and calculate how much can be obtained in a discount without the store being at the loss.

Know the typical questions

The first step is to avoid starting the negotiations yourself. If this happens, chances are high that you propose a higher value than the lowest bid that the seller could make.

In addition, it is essential to know the typical questions asked by the sellers. You are likely to hear “what amount of installment would you like to pay per month?” Or “how much are you willing to pay in total?”, So be prepared to answer these questions. Ideally, answer these questions with other questions.

Get to know trading tactics

Cite that you did an exhaustive research and you are comparing prices. Finish by asking what the best possible price the seller could do for you. Know that, in the price placed by the dealers, is built a great profit. So do not be shy when it comes to bargaining for big discounts.

Keep in mind the price you had planned to pay. The ideal is to leave to close business at the end of the month, when sellers are eager to make the sale before the turn of the month. Calling on a Friday night is also a good tactic. The salesperson can accept your proposal just to close the deal and leave, especially on weeks with little movement.



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